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Fred Nelson

Guitar and Vocals

Fred started playing music at the age of 10. His first instrument was the trombone. He picked up the guitar at age 14. His first band Flight was started when he was 15 and played with them all through high school. After high school his first band was called Sinister Charm. The band was reformed 4 times after the first lineup 2000 when the last lineup finally disbanded. Fred has performed at many of the tri state areas clubs and bars. Fred was in many cover bands and some original bands as well. To name a few  - Pretty Baby, Dorian, Electric Revelation, Sundries, E=MC2, Witches Bru and The New Pretty Baby 2010.

In 1980's Fred took a sound engineering course and then  became a sound engineer working for SBP, Starr Audio, Azimuth Sound. He toured with bands like Twisted Sister, Joan Jett, the Joe Perry Project, Anvil, Robert Gordon, Chuck Berry, Tito Puente, Lena Horne, Frankie and the Knockouts, Millie Jackson, Jerry Mulligan,  Jamaican Reggae, Zebra, Riot,  D.C. Star.  He also did sound for local acts like Full House, Pretty Baby, From Now On, Rendezvous, Liquid garden and the Jersey Doors.